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The Auditors



It’s not good enough for us to put our hand on our hearts and tell you how wonderful our farmers are. They are wonderful… but you need to hear it from someone impartial. AsureQuality is a New Zealand state-owned enterprise, they started out over a hundred years ago in the Department of Agriculture. They’re farming experts and their audits take an end-to-end approach… meaning the scope extends beyond the farm gate to the abattoir too.

Because AsureQuality are only tasked with measuring standards – they have nothing to gain from letting anything slide – we know they can give rigorous assurances. When we refer to ‘the auditors’, we’re talking about AsureQuality’s team.



We think it’s the right thing to do. Simple.

At Freedom Farms we like the idea of all farms being independently audited against written standards. Standards that look after the animals and going forward, our environment too.

So we made it happen.

For 10 years now (since we began in fact) we have been monitoring our farms against standards that are important to us.

Standards around animal welfare of course, but also around what they are fed, controlling the unnecessary use of chemicals and antibiotics, monitoring travel distances to the abattoir, the farms environmental practices… you get the idea.

We reckon our animals like this idea too.