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The Perfect Summer Pav

It’s totally unsurprising that a pavlova is such a popular summertime dessert… it’s the perfect vehicle for the best of the summer harvest… yay berries!… but weirdly it has a reputation for being a tricky pudding to make. Weirdly, because it’s not supposed to look beautiful… or be especially uniform…… Read more

Can Informed Bacon Buyers Change How We Farm in New Zealand?

This post was originally shared on Pure Advantage. Freedom Farms recently celebrated its tenth birthday. Many would say that’s over ten years of being horribly under qualified to be commenting on farming. After all, no one at Freedom Farms is actually a farmer. None of us own a pair of… Read more

Let’s talk about eggs…

There’s tons to ponder when you’re standing in front of the egg shelf at the grocery store… we know there’s too much trickiness out there… so here’s a few things we’d like to remind you about our yummy eggs. Our Free Range Eggs are… From independently audited farms. Welfare & enviromental standards… Read more

Some thoughts on Farmers…

We spend a lot of time thinking about the ‘food movement’. This idea that informed consumers can demand changes in the way our food is produced to be more ethical, sustainable and fair. Read more

A Word About Wee Teacup Piggies

If you use social media there’s a pretty good chance you’re familiar with teacup pigs… gorgeous little squee-inducing bundles of pink downy skin and wrinkled noses… but at what cost? Read more

Breakfast Foods, Ranked.

May the brunch gods be forever on your side. Read more

Characters who love breakfast foods more than you.

Sometimes its nice to be reminded there are people as enthusiastic about breakfast as we are… Read more

Five Happy Things: June

Each month we round up five things that make us happy. If there are good things you’d like to share with us head over to our Facebook page and tell us about them! Read more