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Meat Guide

We reckon our really special ingredients deserve extra special care in the kitchen…

A single pig, or chicken gets broken down into more than a dozen cuts by the time it reaches the grocery store – the good news is that many of them cook similarly, no matter their origin, and with a little knowledge, you’ll be chatting with your butcher like a pro! Here’s our rundown of our most popular high welfare meat cuts…


Freedom Farms Pork Cuts for… SLOW COOKING

Pork Belly

Think long slow roasted… crank it up at end to get maximum crackling.
The absolute expert on roasting is Hugh Fearnley- Whittingstall…I mean the’ poms’ know what they are doing when it comes to roast dinner…he likes a fast hot start then a slow finish (yes he’s talking about cooking). For his tips and cooking times please visit our FAQ.

Pork Rack

Really posh roast… or you can seperate and grill cutlets individually. Be sure not to over cook… keep it juicy.

Belly Cut Shoulder

Freedom Farms developed this cut. Treat it just like belly and roast it slow down low. Less fatty than belly but still stays really juicy.

Rolled Loins

Premium roasting cut. Lots of lean meat. Don’t forget to get that crackling really crispy.

Scotch/Ribeye Whole

Treat this just like you would a whole beef scotch… so keep medium rare and juicy. Stunning intra muscular fat that will keep this roast very moist and add lots of flavour. No crackling on this cut.

Baby Back Ribs

These need to be cooked ideally nice and slow. Make your favourite glaze and baste the ribs. Cook in oven for about an hour at 180°C.

Freedom Farms Pork Cuts for… QUICK COOKING

Rump Steaks

Awesome cut for the BBQ… cook pork steaks just like you would your beef steaks (medium rare is best we say)… or diced up for a curry. Think pork vindaloo.

Scotch/Ribeye Steaks

Probably the best cut for the BBQ. Succulent… heaps of fat. It doesnt get any better.

Pork Medallions

Really lean cut… many peoples favourite (sometimes cut in half and butterflied). Pan-cooked is best… maybe a marsala sauce.

Eye Fillet/Tenderloin Whole

There is absolutely no other cut that is as tender as this. Cook whole and slice diagonally across the grain when done… or maybe butterfly out to constant thickness and stuff with goodies then roll back up to cook. Do not overcook this… it cooks fast and is best medium rare.

Pork Schnitzel

Everyone’s favourite. Pork schnitzel is the original schnitzel.

Diced Pork

Think big hearty stews… or a vindaloo.