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Breakfast Foods, Ranked.

May the brunch gods be forever on your side.

  1. Eggs Benedict.
    A staple of every single kiwi cafe, eggs benedict is the holy grail of weekend brunch. Bonus points if its served with Freedom Farms high welfare bacon.
  2. French Toast. 
    We’re just not pancake kinda people.
  3. Muesli (sometimes). 
    Mostly when my grandma makes it, but also when it comes with a butt-ton of dried fruit (we’re lookin’ at you, Pure Delish Tropical Mango & Nut Crunch).
  4. Bagels. Generally with bacon.
    Specifically Best Ugly Bagels, made by Al Brown’s team at City Works depot. The Mean Joe Green with high welfare bacon, smashed avo and tomato is all kinds of awesome… and easily recreated at home if you pick up their bagels at your local grocer.
  5. Huevos Rancheros. 
    I first had this at a weird little deli in San Francisco where the menu was scrawled in chalk on the wall and it was the only item I had any hope of pronouncing. I was delighted with the result… big fluffy eggs baked in a rich tomato sauce. It’s easily recreated at home and our friends at Dish have a great recipe.