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Five Happy Things: June

Each month we round up five things that make us happy. If there are good things you’d like to share with us head over to our Facebook page and tell us about them!

A new female farmer emoji? Yes, please!lady-farmer
The team at Google have just mooted thirteen new emoji ideas… and have included a lady farmer! Woot! The United Nations say 43% of the agriculture workforce in developing countries are women, and the number of female farmers in the Western world has tripled since 1978. Woman play an integral part in the farming community, and we reckon it’d be ace to see that recognised! The proposed icons also include lady doctors, scientists and teachers… in an icon set that has room for bento boxes and fried shrimp we reckon it’s time to celebrate women in the workforce.

Michael Pollan on Netflix
If you follow us on Facebook you know we have a massive crush on Mr Pollan… his philosophies for eating are real and logical and not too fussy… and he’s a big time champion of high welfare farming. So we are chuffed that Netflix have picked up his Cooked documentary series – exploring food through four natural elements: fire, water, air and earth. Michael talks about the evolution of what food means to us, how it is prepared and it’s remarkable ability to connect us. A great family watch!

#sharethelovepotluck by Annabel Langbein

Annabel has recently launched her winter cookbook: Share the Love. Perfectly put together for winter eating, Annabel’s recipes use good ingredients and are easy to follow. We’re especially fond of her Devilled Sausages recipe which are are treat with Freedom Farms Classic Pork sausages! Summer is generally considered ‘entertaining season’, but just because it’s a bit nippy outside doesn’t mean you can’t keep the sharing going… and potlucks are a great way to do it!

Potlucks are the very best kind get-togethers… great food, good company… and there isn’t a big workload for the host! The basic idea of a potluck is that everyone brings a dish that serves several people. If you’re hosting you might like to make some suggestions to your guests about what to bring (unless you want to end up with lots of potato bakes!). For recipe inspiration check out Annabel’s website for some wonderful wintery ideas!

P.S. Potlucks a great for more than just socialising… host a movie night for your friends, recruit the kids for a family boardgames event, or start a book club. Great things happen when a bunch of people get together and share good food!


Honest Cruelty Free Makeup
I’m not sure if its just me, but I usually update my makeup supply in winter. Over the past couple of years I have been learning more about the sneaky way my (previously) favourite brands put gross disclaimers and exceptions on their animal testing policies… its that old ‘what they say vs. what they do’ chestnut that drives us mental. So, the kiwi online makeup store She Lives Cruelty Free has become a solid source of info and products that stand up to good ethical practices. Good prices, great ethics and real advice. Love it!


And finally… some wise words from Mr Albert Einstein: